Monthly Favorites [October]

Monthly Favorites [October]

Hi everyone! Welcome to my monthly favorites for October. This month went by really quickly, so I had to really think back on the things that I have been loving.


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact-Bronze

Why I'm loving it: I have been using this shimmer brick compact as an eye shadow palette. It creates a glow-y autumnal look that I am in love with! It is not sparkly, but instead it provides a warm glow. 

Kat Von D's Tattoo Liquid Liner-Mad Max Brown

(vegan-friendly, cruelty free)

Why I'm loving it: I originally received a deluxe sample of this product in a subscription beauty box and was surprised when I saw that it was a brown liner instead of black. The first time I used it I was in love. It glides evenly over any eye shadow and lasts all day. I find that, while it is water proof, it doesn't linger and comes off with a regular cleansing routine---which I love! The color payoff is amazing and the brown is SO much better than a stark black liner. It is work appropriate, but also transitions well to an evening out. I find that the brown creates a less harsh look and pairs so nicely with any smokey autumn eye look. 

BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche 'Fig' Lipstick

(cruelty free)

Why I'm loving it: This nude rose lipstick has lovely creamy consistency and a formula that lasts. BITE beauty is 'made with 12 edible oils and triple milled pigments'. It's the perfect color for fall/winter. 


Biossance 'The Purifier' Cleansing Oil


Why I'm loving it: So if you have read through my other favorites, you will know that I am really in love with the Biossance brand. I'm not sponsored by them and I have purchased each product I own from them. I truly am just in love with all of their products I have tried. This cleansing oil is the perfect way to transition into cooler weather. It removes makeup and impurities from the day without drying your skin. I use this as the first step in my cleansing ritual in the evening. 

Malin & Goetz-Mojito Lip Balm

(cruelty free)

Why I'm loving it: This lip balm is ultra moisturizing. During the colder months my face, lips, and body tend to get dry more quickly. I find myself reaching for this lip balm all year, but especially in the fall and winter. It's subtle scent is not overpowering and smells of of minty summer sweetness. I find that this lip balm lasts quite a long time and feels like a protective barrier over my lips without feeling heavy.

Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

(vegan, cruelty free)

Why I'm loving it: I love this night treatment for added moisture and nourishing my skin. The smell is a quite strong, natural, herbal smell that I enjoy but I could see some folks finding it slightly off-putting. I put it on before bed and notice my skin feels softer and healthier in the morning. I really love the Herbivore company message of using plant-based ingredients. They emphasize creating a beauty/skincare ritual and taking time out of our hectic days to relax. I recommend checking them out! 

DIY Face/Body Scrub (Coconut oil, baking soda, cinnamon)

(vegan, cruelty-free)

Why I'm loving it: First, it's so simple! I love knowing each and every ingredient that goes into it. It helps remove dry flaky skin in colder months and leaves my face and body feeling nourished. Recipe below (adjust as needed). Note: baking soda can be harsh on the skin as an exfoliant so rub gently if using this on your face. 

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon organic coconut oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


 Oaui Hair Treatment Mask 

(vegan, cruelty free)

Why I'm loving it: This hair masque is perfect for the colder months when your hair needs extra moisture. I find it perfect to throw on when I'm in the bath or having a mini at-home spa session. It leaves my hair feeling nourished and damage-free. 


Tazo Organic Chai tea (with coconut milk and a hint of maple syrup)

Why I'm loving it: This tea is so cozy and spicy. If I close my eyes and smell it, I'm transported to a cozy cabin bundled up in sweaters with a fire going. I add a bit of organic coconut milk and a teaspoon of organic maple syrup. 

Bloom: Navigating Life and Style by Estee Lalonde

Why I'm loving it: I picked up this book mid-October and finished it just two days later. If you don't know Estee Lalonde, she is a beauty/lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, and content creator. This book is a magical combination of stories, advice, and comfort. You get to know Estee through the narrative detailing her childhood and growing up, the good and the bad. I really appreciated the way she integrated telling me, the reader, about her life while also creating a book of utility with advice and recommendations. 

Frank Sinatra Radio on Pandora

Why I'm loving it: As someone who loves the holidays, but October feels a little too soon to be busting out the Jingle Bells---Frank Sinatra radio is my happy place. I get the same cozy feelings without the Christmas songs. The station plays songs from my favorites (Louie Armstrong, Natalie Cole, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, etc.) 

Lavender and Vanilla Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle

Why I'm loving it: This candle is a soy wax candle with the most amazing light and zen scent. It smells warm, sweet, and relaxing. I find that it burns very clean (no smoke) and is not overpowering. I am sensitive to 'fake' scents and find this candle that uses essential oils is perfect. You can find this and other scents at Target for a great price. The 12 oz candle is usually around $12. 

Our NEW cat babies! 

On our last state park adventure, we found a little, very skinny, stray black cat. He was begging for food from a family. They were essentially kicking him away and were not interested in helping him. We asked around if he belonged to anyone. He wasn't in great shape, so I couldn't imagine he had a home. Heart broken, I went and scooped him up intending to take him to the nearest animal control or animal shelter. As I scooped him in my arms and he snuggled into me, I wasn't sure how I'd be able to give him up. Michael and I, at this point, did not have any pets. I am allergic to cats, and dogs. Not just allergic like sniffles---but, allergic to the point where my eyes would be swollen shut and asthma symptoms would start. So, keeping this cat seemed highly unlikely. After getting him some food, we decided that we would give it a trial week and keep him if all went well. There is a continuum of dander levels among cats and I'm allergic to some more than others. Anyways, we gave it a week and with a daily allergy medicine I seemed to be able to tolerate the little guy. We got him to the veterinarian to get him looked over, vaccinated, and neutered.

Well, two weeks later we decided that Bagheera needed a friend. We travel and go to work each day---and while he gets a lot of attention when we are home, when we're not, he would be alone. Contrary to popular belief, cats shouldn't be alone for long amounts of time. We went through the Richmond Animal League (amazing staff and facilities) and adopted Loki (previously named Chateau). He is a rambunctious little Blue Russian kitten who Bagheera absolutely adores. I love them both so much! It has been quite the adjustment over the past month, but it has worked out well. 

As a new pet owner I beg you, please always spay and neuter your animals. And please adopt don't shop. There are millions of little animals that need homes. 







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