Weekend Adventures: Wineries, Lost Dog, and Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Weekend Adventures: Wineries, Lost Dog, and Mushroom Grilled Cheese

This weekend started out with a lovely dinner with one of my friends. We went to the Mill on MacArthur---a favorite for both of us. After dinner we enjoyed a new wine, lots of great conversation, and some wedding videos too! 

Saturday Michael and I woke up excited for the weekend. I made eggs with avocado toast and some tempeh (fake) bacon. On a side note, I recently discovered tempeh after trying it at a local market and I really have been enjoying it! After breakfast we headed out for a day of wineries and country road driving.

When we venture out for a day of wineries or exploring we like to take the back roads. It usually adds about 15-20 minutes to our drive, but that is what we love about it. This is also how we end up finding a lot of the new places we try out. 

Our first stop was at Blenheim Vineyards. Fun fact: Blenheim is owned by Dave Matthews. We got to try seven wines. My favorite was the Claim House White. Our pourer was really lovely and knew a lot about the different varieties. The view of the mountains from the outside deck is really magical. Glasses here are complimentary with your $6 tasting. And bonus, if you bring back your glass your tastings are free. 

As we were heading down the road to our next stop, we noticed a dog walking around. Some of the back roads have corners that you can barely see around. As cars were driving past us really quickly, we decided we better pick the dog up and see if he had a number on his collar. Long story short, we took him back to the winery and they knew who he was immediately. 'Possum' the wandering dog had ventured off before. The folks at the winery took him and let him hangout until his owners came to get him. 

Our next stop was based on a recommendation from our pourer at Blenheim. We went a few minutes down the road to Jefferson Vineyards. At this point it had been raining, but we still ventured in for a tasting. Our pourer again was lovely. She really took her time explaining each wine and even showed us a few tasting tips. I believe there were ten wines to try at Jefferson, quite an extensive list! We really enjoyed the wine here. My favorite wine is Reisling and I was excited they had their own on the tasting list. Surprisingly, instead we left with a bottle of Vin Blanc. It is a subtle sweet white wine, very easy drinking! The $10 tasting included our glasses. 

After leaving Jefferson Vineyards we wanted to head to Pippin Hill Winery. On the way we stopped at the most perfect little sandwich shop called Salt Artisan Market. Honestly, this place is idyllic. Michael and I both ordered the Mushroom Grilled Cheese. It was heavenly. It's hard to describe this quaint market---words do not do it justice. It is beautifully decorated and simple. I loved it. If you are in this area, please stop in---you will not regret it. 

We took our grilled cheese to-go and ventured to Pippin Hill Winery. We get to the gates and it notes "Closed for a Private Event". We were disappointed, but decided to try out Albermarle Ciderworks. It is nearby and was still open. They had several of their ciders available for the tasting. Their ciders are on the drier side, but taste lovely. They use all Virginia apples and many are grown on the property. They mentioned having over 250 varieties! 

And yes, if you can believe it---there is still more! After leaving Albermarle Ciderworks we tried to go to another winery nearby that was on one of our wine maps. This winery however was closed, maybe permanently? Available by appointment only at the very least. It was getting later in the afternoon and most places close up shop by 5:30 or 6. So, we make one last effort to try a new place---and we found one open until 6. Down some more back country roads and we make it to First Colony Winery.

The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous thatch roof on the winery building. The building architecture and overall setting were lovely. They had an event starting at 6PM so we were told we could do the quickest tasting ever if we were interested. Despite the time crunch we really enjoyed the tasting and they had some lovely wines to try. One named after their Thatch roof really stood out. Can't wait to visit another day when we have a bit more time. 

On our way home we stopped at James River Brewing in Scottsville, VA. Michael tried their flight of beers and we relaxed a bit. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but their Porter tasted pretty good to me! It was a fun place to stop along the way home. Neither of us had tried any of their beers or been to the brewery so this was an added bonus. 

After an eventful day we headed home for a relaxing evening in. Not a lot to share at this point as you can imagine we were pretty tired! 

Sunday morning we slept in a bit and woke up for a relaxing stroll around our neighborhood. We got iced coffees and Michael got an egg and cheese biscuit from WPA Bakery. I also tried a mini gluten free coconut donut---so delicious I forgot to take a picture! They have a lovely assortment of goodies. Their selection of sweet treats and breakfast include many gluten free and vegan items.

After our morning walk I headed off to Boho Cycle for my spin class. When I got back I made an asparagus and egg scramble---so delicious! If you're interested in the very simple recipe let me know in the comments. 

Our Sunday included some tidying up around the house, running a few errands, a dinner at Burger Bach (a local favorite), blogging, Game of Thrones, and packing for our upcoming island adventure. 

What were you up to this weekend? I'd love to hear in the comments. 

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