Packing for a Weekend Beach Trip

Packing for a Weekend Beach Trip

We are headed off on a beach filled weekend adventure and I wanted to take you along with me while I get things ready. My hope is to have future posts that include packing for longer trips, and advice for different kinds of travel. However this post, not surprisingly, will include packing and preparation for the beach and warmer weather. 

Our trip is a 4 day, 3 night beach vacation with great spots for snorkeling. A few things you might not need that I have included are 1) snorkel set(s) and 2) beach towels. We are flying and each taking a carry-on suitcase with one personal item. All liquid items will be under the TSA 3.4 oz limit. The first carry-on will be filled with our beach necessities and shoes. Then we will share my carry-on bag. So yes, I am packing all of this in half the space! 

This list may seem extensive for a long weekend, but when you list everything out individually it can seem like more than it is. 

What I am packing everything in:

A quick note: I am in love with Cuyana. Their motto "Fewer, Better Things" focuses on having less items that are of better quality. 

What I am packing (Carry-on):


  • 4-pairs of shorts
  • 1-black maxi dress
  • 1-striped blue dress
  • 1-black short dress
  • 2-tank tops
  • 1-multi-way bra
  • 1-backless bra
  • 1-lace bralette




  • Most of my items just prefer to be folded. For example, most of my shorts just do not roll well. I prefer to fold and stack my shirts (see picture). Rolling is an amazing way to stave off wrinkles, but honestly I'm a folder and I only roll items if they would normally get really wrinkly. 
  • I like to keep my bras and underwear in the zipper pouch separated from the main compartment so they don't fly all over the place. I do like packing cubes, but find that they can be burdensome at times and I only use them for certain items. 
  • Shoes stay separate. I put them in a bag and then either in the front portion of my suitcase that zippers or on top of everything when I am done packing. 
  • When flying my liquid toiletries go into a quart sized ziploc and into my personal item. 
  • I'm not taking a hair dryer on this trip. It seems bulky and unnecessary for a beach trip since we will be outside and in the water a lot. A sea salt spray is the perfect addition to help perfect those beach waves. I am also taking a slim curling wand to use on our date nights out. 
  • I'm taking my iPad Mini 4 and two magazines for in-flight entertainment. I will recycle the magazines post flight. 

What I am packing (Personal item):

  • Wallet (with cash and credit card(s))
  • ID and Passport (Passport copies)
  • Small bag with the following items:
    • tissues
    • hand sanitizer
    • inhaler 
    • ibuprofen 
    • head phones
    • small portable charger 
  • Quart bag with liquid items (for easy access through security)
  • Phone
  • Two magazines that can be recycled once we land
  • iPad Mini 4

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Also, I'd love to hear what your beach must-haves are. 




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