Monthly Favorites [May]

Monthly Favorites [May]

Welcome to my favorites for the month of May. This month's favorites include everything from a documentary to skincare products. I'd love to hear what you have been loving this month---let me know in the comments. Happy reading!


Why I'm loving it: I wanted to put this first. As someone who often highlights their favorite products it can seem like I own or purchase a lot of things. I want to note that I do absolutely get joy in skincare, beauty, and certain products. However, I make purposeful decisions about the things I bring into my home. Each thing that I have is essentially a favorite because they bring joy and have utility in my daily life. Of course, I could have less things, and I continually strive to do that.

I truly believe that our excess creates anxiety and stress that we fail to pinpoint because we think that buying more things will make us happier. This documentary is a must-see. Find a showing near you or stream it when it becomes available. If you find that you feel alone in the world even when surrounded by excess, I promise this will speak to you. My sister is an amazing example of someone who exemplifies this lifestyle (Simple Days with Bonnie Rae). 

Beauty and Skincare Favorites

  • Too Faced 'Better than Sex' Mascara
    • Why I'm loving it: This mascara gives you a ton of length and volume. Bold eye looks are my go-to and this mascara makes them very easy! It also transitions well for daytime looks if you are looking for some definition. The formula is a nice consistency that isn't too thick. I find that it is very buildable without clumping. The packaging is simple and lovely---the name may be off-putting to some but it just makes me laugh. 
  • Tatcha Indigo Rice Enzyme Powder Cleanser
    • Why I'm loving it: This is a powder cleanser which I haven't used before. But, after trying it I can say I really love it. I splash water on my face and pour some of the powder into my hand. Then I put a small amount of water onto the cleanser and mix it in. I wash my face with it for about 45 seconds to a full minute and it leaves my skin so soft! I think this may be a new addition to my skincare routine. 
  • Beauty Blender (Nude)
    • Why I'm loving it: If you don't know, a beauty blender is a makeup application sponge that you use while damp. I like this one because it doesn't show stains as easily as the pink version. I hate that it is called nude because, of course, this color isn't 'nude' to all skin types. However, I do like the product and I feel that it gives me nice coverage and doesn't leave my skin cakey. I apply a few dots of foundation to my skin and then use the beauty blender to evenly apply it to the rest of my face. 
  • Kiehl's Creamy Under Eye Treatment with Avocado
    • Why I'm loving it: I love this eye cream for keeping my undereyes hydrated. I use it both at night and under my makeup during the day. I feel that it blends nicely and continues to moisturize through the day (and at night). One thing I will note is that this eye cream is quite thick---very moisturizing---but, I make sure to let it set a bit before any makeup application. A tiny bit goes a long way!

Lifestyle Favorites

  • Tens Sunglasses 'Mason'
    • Why I'm loving them: I am absolutely in love with these sunglasses. They fit comfortably and they do a great job of protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight. Their motto 'filter your world' really speaks to the effect the sunglasses have.  The 'Mason' style is my favorite in Tortoiseshell. They have other styles available. 
  • Fresh flowers and plants
    • Why I'm loving them: This time of year I love bringing in fresh cut flowers as decor. There are so many local options available. It is the perfect way to brighten up a room. I also love indoor plants, specifically pothos. We have three pothos in our living space. Not only are they beautiful, but they are wonderful all-natural air purifiers. If you find that you don't have much of a green thumb, I think that pothos run on the easier side as far as plant care goes and they are readily available at most nurseries and greenhouses. 
  • Sephora Play! Monthly Subscription Box
    • Why I'm loving it: I recently received an offer to subscribe to the Sephora Play! Beauty Box. I have received two boxes at this point and am in love. The products they give you are worth the $10/month price. Some of my favorite products have been a Bite Beauty lipstick, Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment and a Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair deep conditioning hair mask. There is currently a wait-list for this box, but if you are into skincare and beauty---it's worth the wait. Subscription boxes can lead to an excess of things around the house so I choose them carefully. I am continually using products and find it is a great way to try out new things, however if I find I have a lot of products I'm not using I gather them up and share them with family and friends. 

Food Favorites

  • Lime and ginger water
    • Why I'm loving it: It's really as simple as it sounds. I love muddling a medium sized piece of ginger and juicing half a lime---add water and you have the perfect refreshing drink. 
  • Zucchini noodles
    • Why I'm loving them: We were gifted a spiralizer and I love it. We have spiralized zucchini and sweet potato at this point. I like to saute the zucchini and cover it in a yummy cauliflower 'alfredo' sauce. Recipe to come! 
  • Natural Calm by Natural Vitality Magnesium Supplement
    • Why I'm loving it: Magnesium is essential for good health. Several recent studies have noted that most individuals do not get the recommended daily serving of magnesium. This supplement tastes great and with regular use I have found that I sleep better. In addition, I have found that it helps alleviate feelings of restlessness or anxiety. Read more about magnesium here. I suggest you do your own research and talk to your doctor about integrating a magnesium supplement into your diet. I mix a spoonful in a few ounces of water and drink it. You can also add it to a water bottle on the go. The orange flavor is my favorite. 
  • Harney & Sons Fine Teas (English Breakfast)
    • Why I'm loving it: It is a wonderful tea that steeps nicely. I find even if I over-steep it a bit it doesn't get bitter. I enjoy this tea with coconut cream and a small amount of raw sugar. They have so many flavors and options to choose from. I really like the tea sachets for steeping. 
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