Beauty Boxes [June]

Beauty Boxes [June]

Hi everyone! I am going to walk you through a brief review of two beauty boxes I received for the month of June. First, I will walk you through the GlossyBox followed by the Sephora Play! box. I will go ahead and list out the products in each box and my thoughts on them. At the end I will give a rating out of 10 for each (10=Perfect, I love each product to 1=Disappointing, I will not use any products). Subscription boxes can be a great way to affordably sample new products. Products I'm not interested in immediately go to friends and family. 

First up, GlossyBox. 

This month there were seven products in the Tony Awards themed box. When I opened the box I was a bit disappointed. There weren't any products I was initially excited about. After spending some time looking at each product there are a few that I will end up keeping. GlossyBox costs $21/month (which I think is ridiculously too high for what you get). I purchased a 12-month discounted subscription through Gilt awhile back so I continue getting monthly boxes through October.

1. Tantowel Half Body Self-Tan Towelette 

There were two packets the Tantowel Towelettes in the box. These can be used on the face and body. I have used these before and thought they were OK. They are an easy way to apply self-tanner and provide a nice color. I'm not someone who regularly uses self-tanner, so I wasn't overly excited but I will try these out again. 

2. Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo

This product looks really interesting! I had to read a bit more about it before I got excited to try it out. This is a mask duo that with the first step opens up pores initially to clean them out with the second step cools and tightens the skin. I think it's an interesting concept. Happy to do a review if folks are interested!

3. Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce and Dark Oil

This is what GlossyBox had to say about the hairspray "Ultra-firm finishing hairspray that shapes hair into fashion and creates a high-shine gloss. The all-day, dry hold spray is best for medium to thick hair textures." I don't really use ultra-firm hairspray. I usually use a small amount of medium-flexible hold on the way out the door. I will probably use this for more formal updos when I do wedding hair! 

As for the dark oil, I will probably be passing this on to friends or family. Hair oils make my face feel greasy as I wear my hair down most days. I like to do any hair moisturizing in the shower with masks and conditioners. I find that it keeps my hair in good enough condition that I tend to not use oils if I have them. And if I do, I use a tiny bit of coconut oil on the ends of my hair. 

4. Kylie Sinful Colors Nail Polish-Kargo

This is a color I would never wear. I don't like glitter/shimmer in polish and I usually stick to neutral colors or pinks and reds. This won't be staying in my collection.

5. LA Splash Diamond Lipgloss-Sugar Rush

At first glance I really didn't like this color. The formulation seems OK, but I have only swatched it on my hand. The LA Splash website is not easy to use, I couldn't find this color sold anywhere but Sears and Ebay---bizarre. I won't be hanging on to this one---disappointing.

6. Iconoa Milano Mascara-Emotion Allowed

I love mascara. It's one of the products on my 'desert island' list. I wasn't impressed with the small barreled wand/brush on this mascara, but I'm willing to try it out. Maybe it will surprise me! I also like that their brand is cruelty free and vegan. 

Box Review: That's it for the GlossyBox for the month of June. Overall, I was pretty disappointed. A few products I'm willing to try out, but others just aren't for me. There also wasn't a good ration of known brands to unknown. I love when boxes throw a cult-favorite in a box even if I've already tried it. I give this June box a 6/10. 

The next box I received this month is the Sephora Play! box. It is $10/month. There is currently a waitlist, but I highly recommend this box for skincare and makeup lovers. I will say, opening this June box I was really excited!

1. Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It

This product is to be applied to damp hair to help create a nice style without having to use a blow dryer. I actually have the full-size of this product and I love it! It leaves your hair soft and voluminous on days when you want to avoid the damaging heat, or are just in a bit of a rush. 

2. They're Real Mascara by Benefit

I've tried this mascara before and enjoyed it. It provides a good amount of volume and length. I have other favorites, but excited to have this for trips when I want to pack light. This a generally high-rated well known mascara and I'm glad they included it. 

3. Tocca Perfume-Florence

So...I love fragrances. Fragrance oils and perfumes are my weakness. I love the connection and nostalgia scents elicit. I fall in love with fragrances, but can be very picky. I also can be very sensitive to certain products. This Tocca perfume is light and floral with a sweet undertone (actual description below). I would consider this fragrance quite noticeable, but not in an unpleasant way. I will most likely pass this fragrance on, but I do think it's pretty! 

Description from Sephora website: "It is an alluring combination of Italian bergamot and crushed violet petals. Ivory gardenia combined with blonde wood evokes a sophisticated and feminine scent that conjures the elegance of a Parisian sophisticate."

4. BareMinerals bareSkin Bronzer

This is a liquid bronzer by Bare Minerals. I'm really excited to try this out especially this summer. This product has great reviews on a few websites. I swatched it and it feels very lightweight and blendable. I received the shade Bare Glow. I really love that it doesn't have any shimmer in it. The Sephora Play! insert had some great ideas like mixing it in with your foundation for an all over glow. 

5. BECCA Backlight Priming Filter

This is a makeup primer by BECCA. It is supposed to 'blur imperfections' and help make your skin look more luminous. It goes on after moisturizer and prior to your foundation. I don't use a primer on a daily basis, but excited to try this out to achieve a nice summer glow! 

6. Tarte Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Always loving trying new non-chemical SPFs. This sunscreen by Tarte also is infused with antioxidants as an added benefit. I have some discoloration on my face and always make sure to wear sunscreen as it is made worse by sun exposure. 

Box Review: Overall, I really loved this June Play! box. It was filled with brands and products I love. I'm excited to try the new products out. I'm really excited to take these along on some trips to try out. They are the perfect on-the-go size. I would rate this box a 10/10. The packaging, the insert, the Minimalists theme---it was perfect. A quick note, I was also really impressed with last month's box (which I didn't review). 

If folks are interested I will continue reviewing these beauty boxes and any others I receive. Let me know in the comments! Also, let me know what your favorite subscription boxes are! 










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