The Beauty of a New Year

The Beauty of a New Year

There is something magical about a new year. I think that it often elicits a hopeful feeling in us. I imagine words like renovate, new beginning, starting over, refresh. We often set new goals for ourselves, hoping to make changes in our lives that result in an improved self. 

I have noticed that the current mood surrounding New Year's resolutions is not positive. The growing consensus is that we often don't follow through with these resolutions so thus they provide little utility in our lives. However, I disagree with this. I think that taking the time to reflect on the things we want to implement in the upcoming year is healthy and more importantly essential for growth. 

I believe that shifting the way we think about these targets and destinations can be the key to realizing them. In other words, reimagine our resolutions. 

To do this, I recommend starting with identifying your sources of anxiety and stress. This is easier said than done, however, pinpointing areas in your life that make you restless allows you to create methods to help alleviate those stressors. For example, if you have financial stress, finding tools to help you manage budgets and plan for the future can be essential. Or maybe there is a relationship in your life you want to work on and researching new ways of communicating could be beneficial. 

I encourage you to really focus on what might be causing stress in your life. Some things may seem obvious, others will take more self introspection. 

Remember, set goals that will eliminate stress. 

Next, for smaller goals, I recommend staying positive and specific. Maybe you want to be tidier. Try designing a cleaning plan for each room in your home. Then follow it up with a weekly at-home spa session for yourself. 

Last, a few things:

Visualization can be a powerful way to realize the desired changes in your life. Envisage the journey and the resolution. 

Less is more. I truly believe that physical items and clutter can cause unnecessary stress in our lives. Take time to identify the things that truly bring you joy, and get rid of the things that don't. 

We will not meet each and every goal we set for ourselves. If you find yourself consistently unable to realize something in your life, go back and re-identify the stress. Reformulate your plan to eliminate that stress. Do not consider these reformulations failures. 

And let these words guide you on your next trip around the sun...

Go out, go out I beg of you
And taste the beauty of the wild. 
Behold the miracle of the earth
With all the wonder of a child.

Edna Jaques




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