Moving into a new house has already taught me so many things. The responsibility is a bit overwhelming – but, admittedly, I love it. I love that we are able to make it our own. The first few days, while moving in, I felt this intense pressure to fill the rooms, get new furniture, and have everything completely set up and ready.

Instead I took a step back – I thought about what home means to me and what I want to feel when I enter my home. Things that I love in a home – cozy places, simple and uncluttered rooms, lots of natural light, and plants- none of these things require me to buy new things, I can create a home with what we have.

Take inventory of what you have and use it – use it for something new or if it no longer has a purpose in your home- let it go.

Piece together things you love instead of getting a set or something matching. It seems like general marketing suggests that we get a ‘set’ or things that ‘go-together’. Instead, I love picking individual pieces and making them work together. I love the story that goes with each piece.

Don’t worry about getting everything done at once. Like I mentioned, I feel and have felt an intense pressure to have things all set up and organized at the house. This includes getting all the extra bedrooms set up as intended (spare room, office, etc.) but I realized I don’t want to do that. I like the bare walls and empty floors. It helps me imagine what I want in them. So instead of filling them up – I want to slowly find items that work in the space. Recognizing that I would rather have an empty room then a room full of things I don’t like.

New items can be great. Things like mattresses or couches (anything with soft fabrics) are items I generally like to purchase new, everything else I look for secondhand. I find that older pieces fit better with the general coziness I want to build in our home. My favorite places to look are: Craigslist, Next Door, Facebook Market Place, flea markets, and yard sales.  I recently found an antique dresser on Craigslist and it’s what inspired this post.

I am someone that struggles very much with worrying about what other people think about me (thanks, anxiety). When thinking about my home I have to purposefully sit and think about what I truly want my home to feel like. I consistently ask myself – is this for me or is this for someone else? Having recognized this about myself has been really important for me – it allows me to do what I want in a space instead of what I think a current style or trend is.

I love hearing about how others’ design their spaces. Tell me how you curate your home in the comments.

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Facial Serum Workshop featuring Maven Made