June Refresh: Week 2 Recap

June Refresh: Week 2 Recap

Checking in here, for a Week 2 of June Refresh Recap! 

As a reminder, here is what my June Refresh goals look like: 

  • Re-envision my eating habits to refresh my body
    • Primarily plant-based
    • No dairy
    • No processed foods (5 ingredients or less)
    • Avoid sugar
    • Limited alcohol intake
  • Ramp up my fitness
  • Practice positive meditation and visualization techniques


In general, things are going well! Avoiding added sugar and dairy has surprisingly gotten A LOT easier. I thought I would miss these items more as time went on, but I feel good, lighter (not weight necessarily), but less weighed down by the food I’m eating. I am really struggling with recipe inspiration right now. Even with the availability of fresh food in the summer, I’m not feeling creative. I am going to take an hour early this week to do some meal brainstorming. Do you have any inspiring words or suggestions? How do you plan for meals during the week?


I had comprehensive blood work done with my primary care physician and was told that I have anemia. I've known this, it has come up on blood work results before. My doctor noted how it can become a serious issue if not addressed, which I didn't realize. Admittedly, I tried to take an iron supplement regularly for quite a while but struggled to commit. I eat  a lot of leafy greens and aim for whole foods with high iron content, but it hasn't been enough. I finally found an iron supplement that isn't a huge pill, which helps. I've added a new life goal to take this regularly so that I see improvement at my follow-up appointment in a few months. 

If you are feeling more tired than usual or have an awareness of your heart beating faster than normal, these are signs of anemia. I urge you to get checked for it, especially if you haven't had blood work done in awhile. P.S. This is not medical advice, I'm not a doctor. Just suggesting to keep your health in check! 


We are finishing up week 12 of Kayla Itsine’s BBG. It has been a great full-body workout that Michael and I do together, and we’ve enjoyed it. I have been slacking on my additional cardio. Running the steps 20x a few times a week was a lofty goal and I haven’t met it each week. I think it’s good to be realistic with yourself, but I do want to incorporate more cardio. We are going to work on that next week. We also will restart the 12 weeks of Kayla Itsine’s BBG (round 2). It is a 28-minute workout that feels holistic in that it works your whole body throughout the week. Each week I feel stronger and I really love that.

I'm signed up for three spin classes in the next few weeks at my favorite cycle studio, Boho Cycle, in Richmond. Excited for this! 


Well, nothing new here. I am STRUGGLING to take time for myself to be quiet and meditate. I feel a constant state of busyness and I am craving a slowness that seems unreachable.

Did you set any goals this month, or for the summer? How is it going for you? I love hearing from you!

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